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Proof for Atheists


I have never been a strong supporter of the Ontological Proof of God even though I am now a theist. While I don’t believe it proves God, it may make a good case for the real possibility of the existence of God. I will try to make a stronger case using essentially material aspects or scientific data. The ontological proof is automatically accepted by strong theists and automatically discarded by strong atheists. Strong theists or atheists are simply the opposing sides of the same coin. Both claim to have knowledge about God’s existence in a place where, currently, only belief is possible. Strong atheists have closed their eyes to all aspects of what they associate with religion while, I believe, strong theists have closed their eyes to science. For example, we currently have Flat-Earthers who believe the world is flat and the sun revolves around us! I think even if they validated this by what they think they saw, they possibly got their ideas from weak verses in the Bible.

But we are not here to discuss the Bible. If you wish to learn more about the possibility of God, there are a few questions you must answer yourself first. Starting with, will you accept the possibility of God? Not a strong possibility but just a possibility? If yes, then your eyes are open and I may be able to show you the evidence that makes God a very real possibility for me. Second, are you willing to search for God? This is hard if you are short on time, but at the very least be willing to look and peruse the info in the links provided in this post before dismissing them outright. I believe there are many ways to God but their nature is like the difference between guides and maps. One can take you to your destination without any thinking on your part while the other has to be followed and may lead you off the path if you make mistakes. I believe the signs to God are more like maps, not guides. Third, and perhaps most important, do you WANT God in your life? I do not believe anyone NEEDS God but finding him can lead to greater peace in a harsh life and some who have not found him and do not believe he exists may want him. I think most atheists have found a peaceful life without God and more power to them! Some ,however, may want to know him and this post is really for them.

Let me state my ‘logic’ as the following points:

  • Order cannot come from nothing
  • Order in both material and immaterial is known to come from our consciousness
  • There is incredible order in the universe that we did not manifest
  • There is physical evidence of consciousness beyond the material self of man
  • This may be an immaterial, universal consciousness present manifesting order in this universe
  • There is the beginning evidence of such a consciousness linked to the global mind of man
  • But order was there in the universe before man was conscious
  • So this consciousness is could possibly be linked to the universe and not just man

First let me define what I call God:
– An infinite self-aware immaterial Consciousness that leads to order
– A finite manifested universe of duality, part of the Infinite Consciousness, that is either itself aware or that the Infinite is aware of

I believe God is both these things at the same time. The paradox of infinity means everything including finite. It may mean existence as well as non-existence too, but in any case, the former is more real that the latter if both are true at the same time. Those are my strong beliefs about God. The following ones are mostly weaker. Note I do not think God is a judging, interfering entity, who for example, answers your prayers. I realize there seems no point to believing in this God. But, if I can give you examples that this God leads to order in the Universe then there is greater hope, not guarantees, that if there is current disorder in your life, it will eventually reach order. Just a God of hope, nothing more. And order and peace is what we all seek regardless of our beliefs. For me, the finite aspect of God is in a state of Being, an evolving entity watching himself unfold from a state of entropy to a state of symmetry.

A known material aspect is the symmetry in the structure of every organic or inorganic molecule. All molecules have SOME level of symmetry when looking at the whole picture. There are molecules that are asymmetric when just looking at the molecule alone but that molecule will also have another molecule called an enantiomer that mirrors it’s shape. Don’t know how science explains this. Maybe say this was chance or needs to be investigated further. And if science investigates, the majority will only look in the material and that is like looking only in one field for your lost toy when you have been playing in two. There is a 50% chance you will never find anything. But is not chance another name for God? Lady Luck? If it was truly random shouldn’t there be at least one completely asymmetrical molecule? Basically, science seems to be saying order came from nothing and I am saying order came from a consciousness. You don’t HAVE to believe in anything beyond the order-from-chaos theory but, if you WANT to, you can see signs of consciousness beyond the material. Which seems more likely? Order from nothing or order from something? Ofcourse, this always devolves into the question of where did the order for the ‘something’ come from? And I have no answer for this. I do not know. But I think I can present possible evidence of the existence of the something below. And it is up to you to decide if this something was in existence since the beginning of our universe.

One thing we do know is that WE are self-conscious. And that this state can manifest in the physical or immaterial through creativity or imagination. So it may be our consciousness is the only existing one that can do this or there is super-consciousness that is manifesting both material and immaterial aspects of the entire universe. But can our consciousness be explained purely as coming from a material source? Science has long claimed our self-awareness to be an element of the brain. Initially thought to be from a localized source(disproved by Patient R) and later from the non-localized brain(disproved by hydrocephalics). So, where is this consciousness beyond the physical mind of man coming from? I think there is a universal consciousness in this universe. There is some evidence for this in the recent research by the Global Consciousness Project undertaken by IONS. They are currently laughed at as pseudo-science by the majority of science but then science has always been slow at accepting anything that challenges their existing dogma. The current view seems to be if you can’t understand it and if you can’t find a materially-based theory, there is no need to look into it. Instead of automatically believing others who claim the significance of IONS’ results is nothing more than chance, view the results yourself to decide. From what I see there, they are showing repeated change in normally random data, usually a single repeating pattern, closely associated with times when global consciousness is affected. This is evidence of our immaterial consciousness affecting something on global physical level. I believe this global immaterial consciousness is our link to God. Almost all of science and most religions today will not like this idea for different reasons: associating material and immaterial and associating humanity with the divine. But we don’t have to just associate it with Man. Science knows order was here in the universe before Man. So, this immaterial consciousness is linked to the universe of which Man is a part.

You may also wish to look into the following:

I find animal behaviors really interesting since I know of no known explanation for this. I am not talking of primal instincts but how the spider learned to spin a web or the boa learned how to constrict its prey. I don’t think we can ever prove God to the world. It would be like an eye trying to see itself without a mirror. If everything in this finite universe is God, then God would be trying to see himself. But I think if you want to believe, there is solid evidence out there to support the theory of order from an universal consciousness. That is all I have to say.


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