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Order and Symmetry


I believe Man has two main gods in this world. Not each man but two types of men with differing beliefs. The theist believes in a God with awareness, usually personified, while the non-theist believes in Luck or, Chance, may be a more accurate term. Both types use their version to explain the ultimate Whys of existence. We can technically ask whys into infinite regression but both types generally stop at their God. For theists, God always was, or is outside time so there is no need to go further. For non-theists, chance just happens without order so there is no need to explain it. Maybe skeptics would disagree with me but I am not saying this is a god they worship. It is an explanation they believe in, without proof, for questions they cannot currently answer.

Of course, by non-theist I mean the part of the world that sees the material world as the only reality. I think materialism is too one-sided. While it is true that natural laws explain much of the reason for order in the universe, and order increasing in complexity at that, there is no explanation for how natural laws evolved out of chaos. It just did many say. The more honest ones say we don’t know why and most are not interested in looking further. Natural laws cannot explain the symmetry of snowflakeboth organic and inorganic molecules. Why did the elements bond this way when they could have any way by true chance? I wonder if the probabilities of this have been calculated. Maybe the problem is too hard. But science will explain the hexagonal structure of the snowflake by pointing to the structure of a water molecule. I don’t know if they question further. Maybe answers can be found at atomic or subatomic levels. Perhaps this is what quantum science is trying to answer.

The fact is that symmetry seems to exist at all levels from bottom to top. And the symmetry seems to increase as you go higher, the highest perhaps being the evolution of conscious life forms with naturally symmetric bodies from a single cell. Is everything completely symmetric? No. Take plants for example. They grow every which way. But the leaves, flowers and fruits are.

And I see order increasing as time passes. Even at the societal levels of mankind. We went from being warring groups to forming the United Nations. Order has increased but not become the only reality. But I believe we are moving towards perfect order since order increases. Perfection implies there must be a final point, not infinite evolution…a goal if you will. And that implies a higher entity to me. Not necessarily intervening but probably conscious.

My concept of God is an entity that came into existence, though that implies time and I am not sure about time, and realized it had both positive and negative aspects, since it was infinite in nature. I assume it associated with the good and wanted to manifest only those. So it manifested as a finite universe with both concepts and in complete disorder. But its goal was to let these negative concepts exist and then die so it could carry on the good as well and thus reach a goal in a finite future. I don’t see God as intervening directly. More like an infinite Watcher manifesting a finite self and giving attention to the good. Love leads to order, fear and hate lead to disorder. So maybe we can say God has been increasing in love. Maybe there truly is a perfect heaven in the finalization of our future.


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