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Testing the Paranormal


Not a big believer in the Law of Attraction(LOA) but starting to more. Just had a dream that implied it and am a big believer in my dreams. I realize that is not at all scientific but I also now realize science is not the end-all and be-all of understanding the world. Especially the immaterial world. Skeptics who believe only in the purest scientific method are unlikely to believe in paranormal experiments that prove true. All scientific experiments that have proved it have been laughed at, ignored or called pseudo-scientific by the majority of scientists. The majority of skeptics are pseudoskeptics. All psychics are not necessarily at a good skill level. So repetition of a result is not guaranteed. And large scale repetition is critical to the scientific method. Geller was one who could repeatedly produce results quite well and there are scientists who were convinced by his demonstrations. The Stanford Research Institute tested him under laboratory conditions, found him convincing but was unable to convince the scientific community.

Also if LOA is true, scientific experiments of skeptics vs psychics have a lot of unbelievers vs one believer. This will most likely fail due to increase in negative vibes. The best way to see if you have any psychic skill is to conduct an experiment by yourself to prove to yourself first. Maybe it won’t work if you don’t have the skill or not open-minded enough. And maybe you won’t be able to repeat a successful result. But if it works you will know some positive result is possible for you. What we have to understand is that psychic ability is possible, not guaranteed like a natural law.

That is what happened with my telekinesis experiment. I was able to move a psi wheel approx. 120 degrees by just staring at it and believing it would move for 20 mins. I was not able to repeat this but didn’t pursue it further since I had proved what I wanted. I now know it is possible to move matter with the mind. psiwheelSomething most of science does not yet accept as true. If you want real proof of an ability you will have to experience it yourself. A scientific paper or video demonstration does not work for most pseudoskeptics.

Maybe one realistic way to test psychics is have one skeptic in the lab with a greater number of well known psychics. For example, ones known to have skill with psychokinesis. Have cameras on all to observe what happens. The skeptic scientist can verify no cheating is going on. Thus you reduce the negative vibes versus positive vibes. Also, just look for evidence of SOME paranormal activity not necessarily repeatable. The cameras can show what happened. But I doubt this would be scientific enough for the majority of science’s pseudoskeptics.


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