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Our Beliefs


I believe our lives will be better if we can see the whole of the finite picture. Skeptics turn away from the concepts of God or spiritual teaching because they find it has a negative aspect and dismiss the whole thing without looking at its positive aspects. For example, they say religion is wrong because of the evil acts of the Inquisition. But is it inherently wrong? Religion, believing in it at least, has brought peace to the lives of many people and still does. Neither is skepticism wrong. A skeptic’s questions have furthered science and lead us to a greater understanding of the finite material world. In the end, you will find peace in life if you can be what you want to be and accept what you can’t be.

One interesting thing that came to me after my Just Be experience was that the Hindu Word for realizing God was AUM which is like AM with U at the center. So it is another manifestation of the Just Be philosophy. Of course, if you think of the word as its OM manifestation then this won’t be relevant.

What determines our reality if anything does? Our beliefs? Our actions? Don’t our beliefs determine our actions? While I am not a strong supporter of the Law of Attraction, I support the idea that our beliefs determine our inner reality, not necessarily our outer one. Millionaires have become homeless and homeless have become millionaires so I don’t beliefthink our present situation in life can determine our future reality.

What do I think I will be after this finite existence? I believe my consciousness will survive. But will my knowledge of my I-ness survive into the next existence whatever form that will take? I believe it will. It is something I want to experience, There are fears associated with this. What if I reincarnate in a life of suffering or as a grain of sand? However, I currently believe I can find peace in any form of existence, material or immaterial, no matter what. I won’t know if this belief is true until I actually experience it. My current life is easy. Let us see if I, as I am in my current existence, can hold up to a harder one. The material probability is low since no adult currently exists who remembers a past life. Children who remember them forget by age 6. But anything is possible.


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