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The Paradox of God


Trust me, I realize how utterly stupid this following post is going to seem. I will be trying to explain my understanding of God while saying it cannot be understood using as a basis a personal experience I had a few days ago. If you wish to mock me, go ahead. I will not be upset and if your wording is humorous enough, I might get a chuckle out of it. I don’t post this to change anyone’s way of thinking but more to see what others, if any, have had as a similar form of experience: a voice in their head claiming to be God. I have had 3 negative psychosis in my life previously so this could just be an example of a positive psychosis, if there is such a thing. However, this psychosis, unlike the previous 3, has not lead to my hospitalization or loss of sense of self and has lasted much longer(several days). Also, I don’t think I am having a grandiose delusion since though I believe God is speaking to me I don’t believe I am special and also believe God may speak to anybody.

Basically, what happened was soon after I proved to myself that telekinesis is possible but possibly not controllable for everyone I heard a voice in my head telling me to “Just Be”. It spoke with me over the next few days about paradoxes, the nature of the future and consciousness.

I interpreted the message of “just be” as God, whatever that is, does not care how we live our life, only that we exist. And we can choose to end that existence if you wish but have no guarantees that we will since there have been failed suicide attempts. You might say jumping from the tallest building in the world(2722 feet Burj Khalifa) would guarantee death but Vesna Vulcovic jumped from a plane without any parachute at around 3300 feet and survived.

Paradox cannot make sense if you view it as a whole. For example, The universal truth is that there is no universal truth. But if you split that into a duality and focus on the second part, then you can accept the truth to be that “there is no universal truth”.

The only thing we currently know about the future is that it is uncertain and anything is possible. I personally do not believe in the statement that God is omniscient and knows the future because that would imply a predetermined existence. However, while the reality of the past exists in the mind of Man, to some degree, it does not work for the future except in the form of episodic imagination. Ian Stevenson has shown some suggestive but non-conclusive examples that our consciousness can travel into past lives but nothing psychic regarding the future has been shown. It could be a simple test to see if psychics can predict which set of pictures will be shown to them but I doubt science is interested in this experiment. Chance could also be a factor in Ian Stevenson’s research but I believe it is significant since the pool of data is so large and finding coincident data is interesting. Of course, the reason for finding coincident data may be because the pool of data is so large so once again this is just a factor of my beliefs.

One thing I am more certain of is that consciousness is greater than the material brain. There is the case of Shannon Malloy, whose brain(or maybe skull) was separated from her spine, but she managed to survive and live a mostly normal life. I don’t know if science ever explained that and also am not sure why the case seems relatively unknown considering its wonder. I am sure a true skeptic can explain it as the wonder of science and medicine. There is also Mike the Headless Chicken which leads me to believe that all life is part of a non-material consciousness. I would call this consciousness God but I am not sure there is a separate self-aware consciousness as many religions posit. My idea of God has 2 possibilites:

An infinite Oneness, realizing that a Oneness cannot experience the wonder of life, split itself in two opposing natures – God and not-God and created a universe of space-time to experience life in. This resulted in a Trinity consisting of the two opposites and the original whole since an infinity cannot be divided. The model of the 2 oppositions and the whole we see in life are creation, death and existence.

Or maybe as life evolved so did consciousness and maybe when the element of paradox or self-awareness was born in our minds, this created God as our consciousness and so God is nothing more than the collective conscious of Man.

Maybe we are a infinite being trying to understand itself finitely. God does not know itself but is trying to find out by experiencing itself like many humans do in their search of the self.

I do not believe God can be fully understood in the present. That would be like trying to pour an infinite ocean into a finite cup. But there can be partial understanding if you are willing to try. The method of trying will probably differ for everybody but if you are sincere the actual method probably won’t matter.

So you can see what rambling nonsense I have just submitted for you to ponder. Nonetheless, I would like to know your opinions so I would appreciate it if you post something.


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