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Just Be


Just BE.

The easiest thing to do. Or is it? We all want to be SOMETHING. We don’t know WHAT will be since the future is uncertain. It does not HAVE to be. Nothing HAS to be since that is making certainties about the future.

We can be happy. We can be sad. We can believe in God’s existence or God’s inexistence or just admit we don’t know. Psionics proves nothing to everyone. In the now. Maybe in the future it will. It does not matter. Religion does not matter. Science does not matter. Or maybe they do. Obviously all do to different people on different levels. Whatever. Just be.

Maybe what you are reading are the ramblings of an insane person or the sanest person on Earth or just some random dude. Maybe this is God talking or it is Satan talking to me or me talking to me. I choose to believe it is God even if it is such a difficult message. I’m just being what I want to be and writing this because I enjoy writing. No one may even read or comment on this wherever I manage to post. Whatever. Just be.

The concept of time introduced uncertainty. It introduced the idea of opposites because uncertainty means not knowing what to choose. 2 is the minimum number for different choices. A world of duality. The future is a sea of infinite choices while we exist. We can want to pick anything but whether it WILL be realized is unknown. Because WILL refers to future. The only thing we know in the present about the future is that it is unknown. Maybe in the future some of us will become omniscient and I think psychics claim this on some level but they have never been able to conclusively prove this.

What if when God first became conscious his thoughts lay along the lines of ‘I am infinite.’ ‘What should I do?’ or ‘What am I?’ I know that I am but nothing else. And maybe he settled ‘I am so I be’. However, this is me trying to define the infinite which I dont think can be done in the present so I’ll stop. But in this world I don’t think God wants anything from us. Maybe God is irrelevant. Most humans want to experience life. Some kill themselves. But if we just be and while doing that try to help others be by making their lives easier even in the smallest way, we have usually made this world a better place. If we just be, we make some happy, some sad. We may muck up and make things worse for someone while trying to help them but I feel happy when I am successfully able to help others so I do that when I can. You do what you want. Or don’t want. It’s up to you. Just be.

The only thing we can be certain of is that nothing is completely certain. That is a paradox not a logical statement. But to me it defines our existence perfectly. In the future anything is possible so the only thing we can TRY to do is what we want and the ONLY thing we can do for certain is to exist. We can try to end existence in this world(there are failed suicide attempts) but even if we succeed we dont know if our consciousness disappears or continues existing in another, maybe immaterial, world. So all we can do for sure is to exist. Just be.
I didn’t even have to post this but it’s something I wanted to do since it moved me so much and maybe others will discuss it with me. I’m not trying to prove anything. Just being and sharing my thoughts online.


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