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The Existence of Opposites


I recently mentioned my concept of God and Not-God being one. This lead me to the concept of opposites. We live in a world of duality. There are quite a few ways we can define opposites and confusion enters the field when sometimes something is said to be a lack rather than an opposite e.g. darkness is said to be the absence of light, not an actual opposite thing. What works best for me is two opposing experiences in life. Darkness is experienced as the opposite of light.

This led me to wonder if there is an opposite for everything. And, somewhat interesting, I found this to be true as far as I could see. Ofcourse, this would not work in our universe for logical opposites like being conscious of unconsciousness. And at the most basic level you could reduce everything to the existence and non-existence of things. But there did seem to be actual existing opposing experiences. Once again, at a very basic level, you could mentally imagine the opposing experience of another.

However, let us say everything was represented as either objects or processes. Nature has many natural opposites. Snakes with legs have been found. Or you can consider millipedes. Ignoring flightless birds, Moas were the only birds without actual wings. Objects can be represented by umbrella terms that it would be hard to find an opposite for e.g. cloth. But if we go into greater detail we can find opposites. Silky cloth? Rough cloth? In fact, any object either has a pattern of color or is transparent. And if we represent color as a wavelength of light on a visible spectrum then we can define opposing colors as ones that are the same distance from the beginning and end of the spectrum. That works for black/white and so works for all colors. So the experience of a visual object with a given color pattern can be opposedopposite by the opposing complimentary colorĀ pattern which either exists or can be painted. And adjectives used to define objects usually have existing opposites. At the scientific level in any case, every particle has an antiparticle.

Processes are more difficult. But even here I managed to find for the stuff I looked for. Cellular Respiration can be considered the opposite of Photosynthesis. DNA Unwinding opposes DNA Replication. I thought of things like not talking while in a coma — and found out about typhoid fevers where the patients is unconscious but mutters constantly. Insect Metamorphosis can be reversed with injection of hormones. What about volcanic eruption? Lava does not have to flow back in but being specific can help again as there are magmatic and non-magmatic types of eruptions. Once again, at the scientific level, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Drop your suggestions for possible failures of this theory in the comment box. I’ll see if I can’t find something satisfactory. Or just tell me what you think.


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