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Had a dream last night that I interpreted as an indication that I will be rewarded in my quest for proving telekinesis is a reality. It implied it would just be a matter of time. The dream was about a teacher who punished student severely but when he found out it was me who had commited the crime of calling his name in the middle of the night, he pretended to take me to be punished but after taking me to his house I was pretty sure I would not be punished as severely as the others since he knew me better. I connected this with my TK quest since it was the only thing I was strongly involved in recently.

Of course this dream makes me wonder if dreams can predict the future. Will read up more of Jung’s Dreams — forgot I had it. I think dreams are what we believe subconsciously and may not be aware of consciously. If what we believe determines our reality, then dreams CAN predict the future. But then we run into the problem of why bad things happen. Either to a lot of people especially in the forms of accidents and natural disasters or to individuals. Negative events may involve bringing bad luck to 1 or a few individual(s)(e.g. person or family) or a large group. When large groups are involved there is no clear winner but at the individual level there may be. This may involve a person with strong spiritual energy wishing negative results upon another and the loser(s) not having as strong spiritual energy. So while we wonder why  disasters that kill a lot of people happen if God is loving let us not forget that death is a necessary part of life. Also, negative events are only considered disasters when they affect a large number of people. Large scale deaths may be part of the natural cycle of life but perhaps at a more individual level our beliefs affect reality and which individuals reality comes true may be based on some spiritual energy of the beings involved. It would be interesting to know if the birth rate and disaster death rate values have had a matching pattern.

This also has connections to my beliefs about duality and trinity in nature. My spiritual experiences led me to believe that God was one being who split into 2 parts: God and Not-God. But since God cannot be divided the 2 parts were added as separate parts of Reality rather than dividing God. So we have the original unchanging God(the neutral God-dreamsWatcher), the associated aspect(creation in reality) and un-associated not-God(destruction in reality): a trinity formed by God becoming a duality. I find analogies of this in nature: Life consists of 3 elements: creation, existence and death. Atoms consist of: protons, neutrons, electrons and interestingly the protons and neutrons are joined while the electrons are separate type of particle entirely. Protons and Neutrons also consists of 3 quarks each. Mind can be: remember, think, forget.  Energy manipulation in natural life is: photosynthesis, eating, decomposers. These seem to match on some level the creation, existence, death model.

Of course this is all pure speculation. I’m just curious to know what others think of these ideas. I’m sure flaws can be pointed out. Please do…I would like to work on them.


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