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Obamacare crashed and burned…do we blame Obama?


I hear a lot on the web and even from strangers I meet on my walks about how Obama really screwed up Obamacare. And I don’t even live in a Western country. The failure to bring this project to its promised fruition seems to be the biggest stone on the President’s shoulders right now. It seems to have crashed and burned mostly from what I’ve read though the administration still seems to be trying to salvage something from the mess. I could be wrong on this as I haven’t really researched the topic; just going by what I’ve heard in the media and hearsay.

But will it do any good to blame Obama? The vitriol against the President seems to go as far as saying that he was lying and cheating the public in his claims about the status of Obamacare. I think the President honestly wanted to provide affordable care for the general public in a time of economic instability. But, most likely, it was also this instability that made others involved in the plan not willing to come aboard with full vigor. In particular, I suspect the insurance companies would have fought against this the hardest. And who can blame them? They have never been about providing affordable health obamacarecare but really about businesses making money off people’s fear of ill health. Also, the Republicans would not have been too willing to let the Democrats win a golden medal on any front. I am not saying the President didn’t make a mistake. His biggest one was probably not thinking ahead of the plans being offered to the public and of the opposition he would face to achieve his goal. He probably thought something along the lines of “Hey, I’m the president. Everyone will just go along with this.”

I still don’t think anyone should be crucified for this. If possible, things should go back to the way they were before the money for the plan was wasted. If not possible, that means the adminstration is still trying to push it through and it needs more time. America is already the world’s biggest debtor — a few more dollars on the pile won’t make too much difference. Like I said, I haven’t researched the full economic and social impact the plan has. But Americans should be proud they live in a country where blame CAN be assigned. The other option is to live with a government like Saudi Arabia where what the government says is final, religious police rule the streets and kill people in enforcing the laws and the people live in fear so you never hear about any unhappy folks of Saudi. Free speech is not always a right and politicians frequently make promises they can’t fulfill. Let Obama step down gracefully and let the next man take up the mantle. Just my 2 cents.


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