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Nature of God


What is the nature of God? Possibly one of the questions mankind will never get an answer to, but it is always interesting to speculate on it. I believe every single human being who believes in a god also believes that their god is infinite in nature. The concept of a finite god seems almost laughable. But, I think that if you believe that God has this aspect then that makes having some other aspects more difficult.

For example, the aspect of perfection. Most of the major religions today preach the idea that God is perfect in nature. But is this really possible if God is also infinite in nature? I think that perfection implies a limit on the person. You have become the best that is possible. You cannot become better than what you are because you are the best that can be. It may just be semantics, but perhaps it is better to think of God as evolving instead of perfect. I don’t know how many religions would be willing to accept the idea of an evolving god. But perhaps God is evolving just like man is evolving.god

Another aspect is that of self-awareness. Most major religions today teach the idea that God is a separate consciousness from mankind. In fact, a separate consciousness that judges man is popular within the monotheistic religions. But if God is infinite, I assume that means he is everything. The idea of self awareness is essentially a self that sees itself as separate from everything else. Is this possible if God is everything? What can God be separate from if God is everything? So I posit the idea that God is not self aware as a separate consciousness.

Of course, this is all based on seeing God through finite human concepts. As a finite being that is all I can do when speculating. But let us say that God is infinite, evolving and not a separate self of consciousness? To me, this implies that what we call God is essentially the consciousness of man. Perhaps even the collective consciousness of man since people who claim to have “experienced” God claim it is like experiencing a oneness with all mankind. And as man evolves, perhaps God evolves. Just my thoughts on the subject. Feel free to post yours in the comments.


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