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Agnostic Atheist/Theist — Oxymoron?


Many people don’t claim to be strong atheists or theists. They say “I don’t know about this, I just believe this way”. Is this some kind of oxymoron? Perhaps not. But I do believe it’s a bit of misdirection. Especially among atheist who claim not to be strong atheists but agnostic atheists instead. But a true agnostic would not have a statement of belief included. A true agnostic would stop at the “don’t know” stage possibly adding “don’t care” or “it’s unknowable”. I can sympathize. I used to be a agnostic leaning towards atheism. But, I still doubt I picked a side. I would have said I’m agnostic but if you forced me to pick a side I would go with atheism. I don’t recall those lucky-charm-ankhtimes very well but I do remember I disagreed with the idea of both theism and atheism.

The truth is that both sides of the debate are picking a stance without evidence to back it up. Now, this is what I would faith. Believers would happily admit to this. However, I doubt there are many unbelievers who would since to them, faith is a word associated with religion. I’m not saying atheism is a religion of sorts even though I do recall seeing one Listverse entry that implied science, the bastion of atheism, is. My point is that atheists are still taking a stance of belief without proof. They don’t have a choice since you can’t prove the non-existence of God. The onus is on the one making the positive claim. But they could always take the stance of true agnosticism if they wanted…..but they don’t and I suspect don’t want to. Of course, this would apply to believers too but they think they DO have evidence of God.e.g. miracles. It’s just that science says it’s invalid if it’s subjective, anecdotal or not scientifically provable. I wonder though, if it was scientifically provable, wouldn’t it move out of the realm of the divine and into science instead?


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