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Viva La Italia


Buongiorno….Why the sudden fascination with Italy, you may ask? Well, about a week ago, I managed to get in touch with a cousin of mine who lives in Pisa, Italy. He is completing his thesis on some economic field over there. After we talked a while, I managed to convey the idea that I was currently not doing much here in UAE, and he invited me over. At first, I was nervous and reluctant but as we continued to talk the idea began to appeal to me. My parents are very much averse to the idea of me traveling on my own due to my epilepsy but I thought they might be more willing to the idea if I had a companion with me, especially one from our own family. This turned out to be true.Italy_flag-2

So I was soon looking for cheap tickets to Pisa from Dubai or Sharjah but there were no direct flights in any case. My cousin and I finally agreed that meeting in Rome would be the best option since we would have to go there for sightseeing anyway. My plan is to go there for about a week. In that time, I will visit Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice. I looked at the various locations recommended for tourists and two in particular seemed to stand out to me above the others: The Sistine Chapel and The Capuchin Crypt. I am sure you are all familiar with the first but even my cousin who lived in Italy had not heard of the second. It is a small, five room crypt made up of the bones of several thousand monks and the skulls and bones have been arranged as walls, roofing and even lighting fixtures. Perhaps something as macabre as that is not commonly touted to the tourist but something that creepy interests me. It will make for some great photographs at least. You can see more pictures of it on the ‘Net. However, I must be honest. As a foodie, my main interest in going to Italy will be to try the different dishes there and end up eating my heart out! So, I look forward to the adventure beginning. A pity it will only start 2 months from now…


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