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Working with Epilepsy


I’ve always had an issue with keeping a job. I used to wonder if it was due to the fact that I may be lazy or because of the fact the fact that I had epilepsy. I first started working in my father’s company. However, once I was there , I would regularly become unconscious at the workplace and eventually he refused to keep me hired. I vaguely recall some other jobs since then, in Canada. There was something in a weather station, not sure what I was doing and also my family says I have worked as a salesman though I have no recollection of that. I have also worked at the computer department of the Dubai Center for Special Needs and am not sure why I stopped. Maybe cause we moved from the town eventually. I also did volunteer work in India for two months.jobwanted

I have now accepted the fact that my epilepsy and the place that I currently live in make getting a job pretty much impossible for me. My father won’t hire me here and since I was unable to finish my B.Sc. in Computer Science I technically only have a high school degree. In the country where I live, you need a work permit from the government to work and it can only be applied  for by your employer. I doubt any employer will have me with only a high school degree. If I had finished my degree I Canada, I would probably have gotten a programming job preferably in the video game industry, Lack of transport is another major issue for getting work that I will cover in a future post. Because of this I am financially dependent on my parents which was a major blow to my self esteem until I did volunteer work in India which made me realize I was still able to contribute to society. This ability is now being provided by Epilepsy Dubai. 


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