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German Neuroscience Center


I have recently been contacted by the German Neuroscience Center, a clinic from Dubai Healthcare City, that is offering a free open support group for people with chronic illnesses. They offered me a physical location for Epilepsy Dubai and invited me to attend their first group meeting. The meeting was very active with plenty of conversation from all members. Besides me, there was a young schizoaffective man and a young woman with celiac disorder as well as 2 members of the clinic, Timo Brodig and Dr. Jared Alden. The image below shows where we met although there were additional chairs arranged in a semicircle to the couches. We went over a wide range of topics and the talks laGNCpicsted for longer than I would have expected. It was done with a good focus on getting to know each other better. I was glad for this face-to-face meeting since, even though I believe Epilepsy Dubai will only be able to support online meetings at first, I think the personal touch is better. Moreover, since GNC has offered me a location to host meetings now, I know if Epilepsy Dubai can get enough members we can meet together without worrying about renting space. GNC is also willing to market Epilepsy Dubai and they already have managed to get plenty of publicity for their own group with articles in newspapers and radio interviews. I believe they are at the forefront of bringing support groups to the UAE.


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