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Memory and Epilepsy


One of the most common side effects of epilepsy can be memory loss. This can be caused either by the seizures or by the medication you take. You will have issues when trying to recall items either from long term memory or short term memory. Trouble with long term memory is easier to deal with than short term memory. Long term memory deals with things well into the past like events long ago, names and relations with people in the past. Trouble with short term memory can be more dangerous as it deals with what you are thinking more recently a few minutes ago.

I have had issues with both and, chances are, when it starts, if you have trouble with one, you will have trouble with the other. When short term memory was a problem for me, I would daily have multiple occasions where I could not remember what I was thinking about a few minutes or hours earlier in the day. The most shocking experience was forgetting about what was in my mind just one second ago! Short term memory loss can affect your ability to perform properly in a work environment.brain_avenue_homepage_ct

Long term memory issues took larger chunks out of my life. Unless it is continually refreshed you will forget it. This can be an issue when you are trying to learn new information or skills but are not refreshing it by actually practicing it. I actually managed to memorize the difficult alphabet of my mother-tongue but forgot what I had learned within one month because I was not reading any literature that used it. I have also learned new skills in programming but because I am not actively working in those fields, I forget what I learn. I have been to places like the US, Rajasthan and Syria but have no recollection or memories of having gone there. I only knew that I had been there because my family told me. You can forget faces, names and relationships with people who you knew but you haven’t met in a while.

You may be able to tell by the size of paragraphs I’ve written on both that I have had more problems with long term than short term memory. This is because I went for treatment with natural medicine in Ayurveda and the pills and liquids I got actually managed to stop any problems I had with short term memory failing me. Ayurveda can work wonders if you can avoid the scam artists out there. I remember a case from my childhood where private doctors told my father that he would go completely blind in one eye within one year and there was nothing they could do but he was healed by an Ayurvedic doctor.

So that’s my take on my personal issues with memory and epilepsy in my life. Please post comments if you would like to share yours.



  1. Emma says:

    It’s nice that someone else shares. It always feels like you’re alone. Even though you KNOW that isn’t the case.
    my memory has gone to pot. The worst for me is language. I’ll be taklking, can visulise the object I mean but put no word to it. Silly things like that. Very often I will halt part way in a sentance purely because I can’t remember what it was I was saying.


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